TimeDock was designed, prototyped and manufactured by Engineerable, an engineering design and manufacturing studio based in Stone Mountain, near Atlanta, GA. Established in 2011, Engineerable’s team has focused on creating design specific products that increase functionality and versatility.


The needs of the growing local creative industry brought the team’s first successful kickstarter campaigns. In the spring of 2012, Engineerable launched FocusShifter; a follow focus for DSLR cameras and an improved design with counterbalance in 2013. Both were also successfully funded on KickStarter. Seeing the need for a high quality Pebble Time charging dock, the TimeDock was invented.


The team is always working on new things and we look forward to bringing them to you.


TimeDocks Charging


LensShifters Coming Soon


FocusShifters Shifted

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A home for your Pebble Time & Time Steel smartwatch – A dock and charging cable in one. Dock, display, and charge.

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The FocusShifter is a stand-alone follow focus, focus puller, and focus marker board that can be used on any DSLR and video camera lens.

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The LensShifter gives you the ability to precisely control the focus and zoom of your video and photography shots.

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