TIMEDOCK for Pebble<br>Pebble Time Charging Dock

TimeDock with Pebble Time Round PTR
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TIMEDOCK for Pebble
Pebble Time Charging Dock

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The best home for your Pebble Time, Time Steel & Time Round smartwatch – A dock and charging cable all in one, it’s the ultimate Pebble Time charging dock.



Your Pebble Time watch will have a secure place to charge with TimeDock. Keep your watch fully charged and easy to get to when you’re ready to go. Make the most of your Time.

Integrated into the TimeDock is a Pebble Time charging connector that uses a detachable micro USB cable. This allows you to keep your original charging cable with you on the go so you will be able to charge your Pebble at work, school or in your car.



TimeDock allows your Pebble to be useable no matter what. Keeping the watch propped up ensures that the display is always visible and easy to access even when its not on your wrist. You might not be able to wear your watch all the time, but you should always be able to use it. Dock and display your watch while charging and keep it usable when off your wrist.



The Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and Pebble Time Round (PTR) all have the same charging port, in the same location. The TimeDock can be used to dock and charge all of these watches!



The TimeDock’s charging module is expandable! We’ve engineered the charging module as a separate piece from the plinth(body), giving you room to upgrade or change as your Pebble smartwatch changes.



Edwin & Philipp over at LIGNITE Collection designed a custom TimeDock watchface based on input from our backers. The watchface will automatically open when the watch is charging on the TimeDock (uses the worker), has some cool animations and updates the weather every half an hour. The watchface is complete and we’re giving it away to TimeDock backers!

Get the WatchFace NOW in the Pebble AppStore!



Aluminum T6-6061 Alloy – Bead blasted and anodized – Strong and durable plinth (Body), and charging module face.

Rare earth neodymium magnets to hold your watch securely against the charging dock

Gold plated spring pins for electrical contact.

Premium micro suction cup rubber used on the non-slip footing.

Stainless socket head hex cap screws used to attach charging module.

High quality microUSB charging cable included.


  • Colors

The TimeDock Pebble Time charging dock is available in the following colors



GunMetal Grey (Grey with a blue tint)

Rose Gold


Reviews (27)
  1. :

    I got my silver-finish Timedock -- #87 -- and I'm so impressed! I'd been using a 3D-printed Pebble Time holder and the solid construction and weight of the Timedock is sooo much better. The magnet/charger design is superb; the watch literally falls into place. And overall, the design and look is really high-end.
It was a long wait, but I couldn't be more pleased with the final product. Excellent job, Daniel and team!

  2. :

    Woohoo! I just got mine in the mail 5 minutes ago. I agree with Chris' review. I'm actually glad no more time was spent on packaging. The end product is very good quality. Nice weight. Good cable. My Pebble is charging right now in fact! For some silly reason I thought I'd have to use/repurpose my existing Pebble charging cable, but no! I really like it and worth the wait. Thanks.

  3. :

Solid. Very well made. Very easy to place the watch on and off the dock.

  4. :

    Just wanted to say ... I received my Timedock a few days ago ... very impressed. Very Solid Build Quality! Great JOB!!!

  5. :

    Got my Time Dock today and it's awesome! I really want a second silver one so two of my watches charge while I'm wearing the third haha. I'd love to clean up my desk a little more by having two time docks on there!

  6. :

    Whoa I must have been psychic!!!!! Guess what just came through my front door just now?!!!
Yes - MY TIMEDOCK!!!!!!!!! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's actually a lot smaller than I imagined (from all the photos in the campaign) but it simply looks gorgeous!!! The plinth at the bottom says that I have

  7. :

    I got my gun metal grey and it is awesome.

  8. :

    Received my dock today. Its really nice.

  9. :

    Received #111, gun metal, today!! Thank you! It's really top notch!!

  10. :

    arrived today, currently charging, looks AWESOME!!!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Wow! A fantastic product. The fit and finish of this product is terrific. Surprisingly good for a first run product. I do not think there is anything I would change. Very well thought out and implemented. Excellent design choices. Well done good sirs. The only negative I have is that communications with this company have been terrible. I think they are small and everyone is 100% focused on getting product out the door, but if you want to have contact with them, forget it. Fortunately, the product is so good, I still was able to come here and give 5 stars. I am really so very happy with the results of all your hard work.

    • :

      Hi Todd,
      Thanks for the positive review of the TimeDock. You are right that we are small and product focused, but I did promptly reply to every email, 3 of them, that you sent. Everytime it seemed like you were not getting our replies, maybe they were getting caught in spam filter. I would have called to answer your questions if we had your phone number. We didn’t have any troubles with other customers not receiving our email replies, so this seems to have been an isolated case. Thanks! Daniel

  12. :

    My TimeDock is awesome!

  13. :

    I really like my Timedock and for those of you who are still waiting - it's worth the wait. The Timedock has a positive connection to the Pebble Time and therefore there's no fooling around - you get a quick charge (my Pebble Time charger sometimes disconnected itself and the watch didn't charge). The product looks great and is a nice stand for the Pebble Time.

  14. :

    Thank You. I have received my timedocks and they seem to be working wonderful. quality workmanship. thanks.

  15. :

    Received my two timedocks, and just charged for the first time using it - awesome product - thank you for taking such care over the production, throughout - and all the best for many more sales!

  16. :

    I just received my silver Timedock today in the UK. great build quality and really compliments my nightstand.

  17. :

    Received my TimeDock in Turkey, will try it out tonight! thanks!

  18. :

    Received my gold timedock. It's perfect! I have been placing my pebble on my desk making it hard to check the time from the position of the face, that no longer is an issue. My pebble now has a home to rest instead of just placing it anywhere. The color and quality of the timedock exceeded my expectation and I love the personal numbering on the bottom (#418). Thanks for making an awesome dock!

  19. :

    My silver Timedock arrived today in Melbourne Australia. It looks lovely. The magnet is nice and strong, not like the charging cable that came with the Pebble Time.

  20. :

    Received my black Timedock it's perfect.

  21. :

    A couple of days ago I finally recieved my Timedock and I am super happy with it!

  22. :

  23. :

  24. :

    If you are looking for a solid, well-built charging dock for your Pebble Time devices, the TimeDock is a definite winner. With its aluminum alloy body and…

  25. :

  26. :

  27. :

    Have received our Time Docks & think they are GREAT !! 
Love the colours & finish & they work as advertised !! :) 
Many Thanks,
Neil H

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  • Remove the clear plastic liner from the micro suction base.
  • Place the dock where you like.
  • Plug the USB cable into a USB charger, laptop or computer USB port.
  • Place your Pebble Time onto the dock, the magnets will attract the Pebble Time towards the charging connector

Changing the microUSB charging cable

  • Before pulling the cable out of the strain relief slot, unplug the microUSB end from the charging module.
  • Carefully pull (lift) the cable out of the strain relief slot.
  • Insert new microUSB cable into strain relief slot.
  • Plug the microUSB connector into the charging module.


  • If the dock is not sticking as well to the surface it is placed on:
    • Then the micro suction base needs to be cleaned.
    • Use only water and a cloth to clean.
    • Wipe the base with a moist cloth, and clean off any debris stuck to it.
    • Don't use any cleaners, solvents, etc.
  • If the dock becomes dirty:
    • First attempt to clean it only with water and a cloth.
    • Use a moist towel to clean it.
    • Keep water and moisture away from the charging connector and charging module.
  • Only clean the charging connector with a dry cloth.
  • If you are having difficulty connecting the Pebble Time to the charger:
    • Check the magnets for small pieces of metal, and pick or wipe these away.
    • Check the spring pins to make sure that they are sticking out about 1mm from the plastic connector.
    • Check that there is no debris on the watch in the connector area.



  • Does it come with a microUSB charging cable?
    • Yes, a quality microUSB charging cable is included.
  • Can I use my own microUSB cable?
    • Yes, the included microUSB cable is removable, and you can use the microUSB charging cable of your choice.
  • Do I need to use the charging cable that came with the Pebble Time?
    • No, you do not need to use the charging cable that came with your Pebble Time. You can keep that charging cable to use somewhere else, like traveling or on the go.
  • What keeps the dock from sliding around?
    • A micro suction base allows it to stick (non-permanant) to almost any smooth surface.
  • Does it work with the Pebble Time Round?
    • Yes, it works perfectly with the Pebble Time Round.
  • Does it work with the Pebble Time Steel?
    • Yes, it works perfectly with the Pebble Time Steel.
  • Will it work with the original Pebble or Pebble Steel?
    • No, it does not work with any Pebble that has the charging connector on the side, like the original Pebble or Pebble Steel. It only works with Pebble Time smartwatches that have the charging connector on the side.

Environmental Management

Do not dispose of this product in unsorted municipal waste. This product is recyclable and should be recycled with other electronics according to your local standards. The aluminum parts are 100% recyclable.

Product Improvements

Continuous improvement of products is a policy of Engineerable LLC. All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. Due to the anodizing process, the color you recieve may be slightly different from that pictured.

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